Updated: 02/20/2009 00:31
Hyip Monitor

In my opinion HYIPs are something between gambling and investing. Scam recognizing is crucial skill to earn money at HYIP arena. You can minimalize risk of loss following 5 easy steps. My private successfull system which allows me to reject a lot of scams in a minute looks like that:

  • 1st step: analyze investment plans. If HYIP pay daily it must pay only on business days. Preferred daily returns: 1%-2,8%, weekly: not more than 10%, monthly: 40% or 50% is maximum ROI which is acceptable
  • 2nd step: initial deposit must be at least 10$. Preferably when it is higher than 100$
  • 3rd step: HYIP script is really important. The most reliable HYIPs use completely their own script, not even a premium version of popular templates
  • 4th step: I like HYIPs which pay for refferals less then 5%. You can also choose programs which offer 10%, but it is riskier. You shouldn’t invest in programs which pay more than 10% for refferals
  • 5th step: It is perfect situation when HYIP lives at least 100 days.

I think that informations I mentioned above will help you minimize risk of loss and avoid scams in the future.

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