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Every morning I wake up to 350 mails and start to sort through them. I split them up, delete the stuff I am not interested in. I quickly look though...

Every morning I wake up to 350 mails and start to sort through them. I split them up, delete the stuff I am not interested in. I quickly look though the maybe's and then take my time with the offers that fit closely to the niche I am working. I try to keep up and stay ahead of what happens which is a never ending job. There are 2 people I follow or listen to one is Liz Tomey. Do you realize she has over 500 web sites being advertised somewhere on the Net.

Another person with Ideas is David Foley both a good friend and mentor to me. He has taught me so much with in the TE world and a little on the marketing side too. He is a very clever person.

Why am I going on like this? 97% of all marketers and what I want to impress upon each one of you is the need for a mentor. I mean when it dawned on me I needed one, I wrote to some fairly big hitters and was surprised how nice there response was. I looked for someone other than my up line. Why? because usually ones upline know less than you do and it is usually true for there up line. Make sure who ever you ask has experience. Even if it costs a couple bucks, what is that compared to a lifetime income?

Yes I know many get fed up with hearing it the same as the many who get fed up with seeing offers. Yet those who don't are generally the ones who really have a deep desire true success, these are the ones looking for that chance.

So what am I selling?.. Something most of you will not be able to pay. It costs more than money it costs you your time, learning and hard work which is more than most are willing to pay.

People are prepared to buy junk but rarely are they interested in purchasing hard work. Still that is the price of success hard work and being smart and you need a Mentor to teach you the smarts because if you had a Mentor then I would say you're smart.

If that sounds hard good because being soft and quietly dancing around you the way I have been has not been working.
I only hope this will. I am interested in you otherwise I would not bother talking to you this way. I sincerely hope some will take this to heart. Success Starts with you. What will you do to get it? That's it, that's all I have to say. Except look after yourselves and enjoy what the Volcano has to offer.


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