Updated: 02/22/2009 21:30
Hyip Monitor
HYIP News. Latest news of CrazyClicks and CupidCash.

  • CrazyClicks has lowered its minimum cashout to $0.25 PP /$1 AP for premium members, and $0.50 PP / $1.50 AP standard members. Also, 3 new contests have been added to the site :
    1. Each month 3 random tickets will be drawn (members receive 5 tickets for each purchase made at the site - account balance purchases do not count:
    1st : 7,000 links
    2nd : 25,000 banners
    3rd : 10,000 banners
    2. Referral Contest - Top Referrer Wins $4
    3. Monthly Ticket Drawing - Each Month 10 tickets will be drawn and winners receive 10,000 banners (tickets zero out at the start of each month)
    4. Each week, the top clickers will receive $0.10 cash (once weekly winners are awarded, stats are zeroed out and started over for the next week)
  • In need of some cash? CupidCash is having a promotion where for every $50 earned, members get $25 instant to their PayPal until tomorrow at midnight. Also for every $10 earned, members get $2 added to their account balance. (I'm going to assume you can not "double dip" and get both of these great offers). Also, the site is having contests just for newbies! Until 2/27 a combined earnings and completion contest, paying 3 places, is going on and to win you must have never won at the site before.

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