Updated: 03/02/2009 23:00
Hyip Monitor

Yesterday, we have received a great message to our Readers scam reports from one of our readers. We want to say thanks from all our investors, who are reading us. The message is very exact, wide and informative. There is nothing to add:

I have been trying to get a partial payment on profits from my Large Sum account for months now along with reinvesting the remainder. I received a notice saying the transaction would be completed within 48 to 72 hours. That is the last I have heard from them. No more contacts on the issue. No replies to my emails and no notice of the site being shut down. Starting to smell like a scam to me. Thank goodness my initial investment was less than $500.00 to check it out first.

Unfortunately, Large Sum is dead and now it`s unreal to return something. It was the program, in which every body have earned who were investing in the beginning. Let this message be a warning, because lots of people are loosing in HYIPs, that`s why we need to be very careful. So, hyipnews will do everything possible, that you be careful and warned about dangerous.


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