Updated: 03/03/2009 18:43
Hyip Monitor
Latest news HYIP: LighthouseGPT, MakeThatDollar, MyFlipperCashPTC, NeoBux and TikiTreasure. Actual 2009.

  • LighthouseGPT has lowered its minimum cashout from $15 to $10.
  • The activity bonus at MakeThatDollar is now given every 24 hours instead of every 72 hours like before.
  • MyFlipperCashPTC is having "March Madness". Every member that refers 10 new members will receive 2 months premium membership. If you refer 5 new members, will receive an additional 5. Also, any member that is active for 30 days will receive instant cashout, 10% earnings and 1 month premium membership.
  • In an effort to remove cheaters, NeoBux has placed limits on the number of direct referrals a member can have. These limits have already been put in effect. For more information regarding this change.
  • Each day, SquishyCash will select a thread in the forum to be the "Topic of the Day". This thread can be in any of the sections, and once chosen it will have "TOTD" in the title. Every member that posts in that days thread (before 11:59 pm est) will receive 1 casino chip. After midnight each night the chips will manually be credited. Watch the thread though, you never know when a promo code may pop up!
  • TikiTreasure can no longer be found at the .com address, members must use tikitreasure.NET

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