Updated: 03/05/2009 08:47
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The admin of AggeroInvestment which is now officially closed by the way posted some update on the current states of refunds which hes making to the

The admin of AggeroInvestment (which is now officially closed by the way) posted some update on the current states of refunds which hes making to the members not in profit. Unfortunately his AlertPay account was blocked due to some complaints but he promised to do his best and solve the situation as soon as possible. The refunds are still going on and I saw some posts on forums that former members of Aggero are actually receiving them. You should understand that its a long process so patiently wait your turn. I hope everyone will be refunded in the end and nobody will lose. Here is the update:

Thank you for all those who posted that they got their refund. I just feel bad that Ive been refunding almost close to a thousand members already since March 1st yet I do not see many posts about it. The least they can do is post here to calm the other members that are still waiting.

Then I just found out about an hour ago that our AlertPay account has been blocked already due to numerous complaints being filed to them. I was very clear in my previous update that I will be doing refunds starting March 1st up until I can refund everybody even just their startup amount. It wont be fast as Ive said, as I am still waiting for some funds to come in. I will call AP now to clarify things.

I surely cannot update anything if I do not have any updates to give. All you should know is Im doing the refunds and you will have to wait your turn. I have a long list still remaining, remember that we are 8000+ members when we closed and way more than half of them are active.

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