Updated: 03/05/2009 08:42
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RFI is dealing with 2 main issues at the moment which have become very urgent since the middle of February: DDoS attacks and LibertyReserve processor downtime and technical problems.

1. Due to heavy and sustainable DDoS attacks to RFI server database connection was interrupted which resulted in inability to credit deposits automatically onto members accounts. Furthermore minor data loss has been discovered recently so if you found your deposit or earnings missing please contact support@residualforexincome.biz regarding the details of your problem. Please use this email only for these sort of issues.

2. As reported earlier RFI main LR account has been restricted from sending outgoing transfers for more than 5 days so far.

Due to long outage in LR perfomance caused by supposed maintenance no explanation or any comment on this issue has been given from LR side. We are patiently waiting for updates but still no good. Any LR activity is temporarily suspended until account is unblocked and detailed explanation is given. Unfortunately this situation goes beyond RFI control and will..

P.S. Kindly be reminded that you can request a conversion of your payouts from LR to AlertPay by sending a request to support@residualforexincome.biz attaching your details. This email only please! Hope for your understanding.

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