Updated: 03/15/2009 20:21
Hyip Monitor

Hello everyone! EarnEasyCash is growing fast! I just implemented a new GeoIP identifier (with the help of Winter) that makes country identification faster and more reliable. EvoWallet is now an accepted payment processor and payout processor for EarnEasyCash! Get a 10% discount on all purchases AND you can cashout via EvoWallet when your account balance reaches $0.25. The fees for accepting EvoWallet is SO low, only 1%!

EarnEasyCash is getting so close to 10,000 members! At this current time, EarnEasyCash has approximately 9,250 members total. Hopefully we will reach 10,000 before the Purchase Contest and Purchase Raffle is over (April 15th) so we can have a HUGE discount on purchases.

Don't forget, you can win cash prizes in our Purchase Contest and Purchase Raffle that is going on at both EarnEasyCash and Clickers-Union! Check out the forum for more information!

Also, please keep checking the forum because you can receive all types of free goodies just for posting. Right now you can get free cash and advertising just for making a post in this topic http://www.eecash.info/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=904

Coming Soon! Raffle Tickets on EarnEasyCash!
You will be able to purchase raffle tickets using your account balance to win Cash Prizes! These raffle tickets will be cheap ($0.01 to $0.001 per ticket!)

I will send out another News when the Raffle is up and running!

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