Updated: 03/15/2009 20:21
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Here is the plan folks. We are going to launch V2. We realize V1 has too many issues and people are earning more than they should thanks to a bug in V1

Here is the plan folks. We're going to launch V2. We realize V1 has too many issues and people are earning more than they should thanks to a bug in V1. We have not secured an investor so what we are going to do is make this transition completely transparent. The idea is to launch V2 fresh. All users would start from scratch with a new system. User's earnings from V1 will be paid one at a time over as long as necessary from V2's profits since there is no bug to cause losses and more earning potential. We've decided that the proper thing to do is to make a list each time a V1 user gets paid it will be posted until ALL of V1 is paid out and V2 is running strong. TTG won't let it's fellow people down and in order to have a working program we need to move to V2 as soon as possible and work on V1's deficit one user at a time. We apologise that this is our only option but given the circumstances we hope users understand the need for the change. V2 will run normally and users will get paid for their v2 usage as normal and ALL profit from V2 will be ported to v1 payments until the entire userbase's earnings are cleared. We realistically expect this could take a bit but even those users no longer interested in being V2 members will still be paid in order. To those who understand the change we look forward to seeing you in V2. You can follow all progress on V2 HERE! (forum.ttg911.com)
To all the naysayers. The support outweighs you and we will make this work.
Our plan is to work steadily from now until it's ready and launch V2. Users will be able to register on V2 before too long.. V1 earnings are safely backed up in multiple areas and as said everytime a V1 balance is paid it will be available for all to see in V2.

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