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This weeks Member letter includes great information, and a nice reward for all. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read AutoSurfPro Member mail.


I have an Exisiting Sister that needs an owner!

SiteSurfHits.com with over 150 current members is going to go to the highest bidder. Folks these sites have unlimited potential in their capability to earn you revenues or even replace a full time job. Please read this section of the email carefully if you want to run a site that is already established with a great name.

This Sister Site has been online since March of 08 and has 153 Members! Lets start the bidding low so everyone who wants an opportunity to run this site under the terms here have a chance to do so: http://www.autosurfpro.com/c/startingown.html

Remember to read the above link completely BEFORE bidding please so you understand the details of our partnership. Here is how the auction will work. Those who bid will be emailed with the current highest bid. Bidding will be in $50 increments starting at $300. All who submit a bid, will be emailed the current standings at any given time as the auction progress's so everyone bidding has a chance to out bid the current higest bidder.

The bidding will start now, do I hear $300.00?
This site has a GREAT name, and over 150 Members. It is more valuable than sites that sell for $1000. (A New Sister Site) This site is already building itself with exisitng members that are referring you new users! The site is also linked throughout AutoSurfPro.

*The person with the highest bid as of TOMORROW NIGHT, March 20th at 8:00 PM EST USA (GMT -5) will WIN! If you cant be at a computer at this time and want me to bid on your behalf up to a certain amount, just email me and let me know. Good luck to all who participate!

Please do not bid unless you are able to pay for the site at Auction close. We offer all the popular billing methods available including all major credit and debitcards and alertpay. SHOULD THE HIGH BIDDER FAIL TO PAY, THE 2D HIGHEST BIDDER WILL WIN THIS SITE!

PLEASE PLACE YOUR BID NOW BY Replying to this email or EMAILING webmaster@autosurfpro.com WITH A SUBJECT LINE OF "My Bid is." In the body of the email enter your bid "MY BID = $(???.00)"

Lets get Surfing!

202,000 sites surfed yesterday! Thats not too bad guys. Lets continue to reach towards 250,000 sites per day. According to my calculations, that will mean even our Free Users will get 150 Hits to their sites EVERY DAY! To surf and support the community, use your private surf url here: http://www.autosurfpro.com/cgi-bin/run.cgi?userid=campbell

Remember folks by surfing your account with that above link, you will start seeing other members sites. While you surf, they will see your sites. It is important that we all log in as much as possible and leave ASP run 24/7 when you can. Even when you arent watching, these hits we generate help get our sites more popular than our competition. When you get more raw hits, your search engine rankings improve.

Do you need to increase your online presense? We have a huge upgrade special going on here at ASP. Check our Improved GOLD Level upgrade! Upgrading your account gets you in the priority site rotation delivering much more traffic than a free account. It also opens up other advertsing tools in your members area including top memberads for as low as $9.95 per month! Guys these ads cost $50 when they came out and are still worth every penny of that because these ads get exposure outside our membership over the entire net.

You need to be on at least Gold here at ASP to see our capabilities and what has taken me 7 years to build. Get the traffic you deserve at a price you can afford. You DONT need to spend a ton of money with google or anyone else to get impressive exposure levels. Check out Gold and all our upgrades that start as low as 88 cents per month here: http://www.autosurfpro.com/proplus2.html



Email webmaster@autosurfpro.com your login name at ASP, and your welcome letter from our host at Tower Traffic to receive your free gift! In Addition, Our Host is offering the following to ALL ASP Members who join this site:

* Additional 2,500 credits at TowerTraffic for Joining.
* An Additional 2,500 credit for Upgrading to Standard Pro, and 5,000 for Upgrading to Enterprise Pro.
* Email Tower Traffic stating Brian sent you from ASP for the above reward!
Join our host using: http://towertraffic.com/?r=58205


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