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Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is relaxing. I know what you are thinking another Long Update!! ..lol As I mentioned previously I do not work on...

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is relaxing. I know what you are thinking another Long Update!! ..lol As I mentioned previously I do not work on weekends and normally I would not send updates on weekends but I do check on the project frequently to make sure everything is running smoothly and to help answer support tickets as fast as I can but in the interim of that my inbox is filled with inquisitive questions and they are based on the surroundings of this industry entirely so I will address them.

Please note what I have encountered as an Admin thus far! I just want to give everyone a Jest of what I faced and my integrity for this Program!

Hit and Runners came in with big deposits and cashed out thinking they would ruin the program – I think that is a selfish act on their part but like I mentioned I did not need incoming but the point is they were selfish if that would have been the case!

Jealous, negative people in the forums bashing me and trying to create mockery and discredit my character in every which way form because I was Proactive but there will always be someone trying to put you down. This goes for “Moderators” in certain forums as well as “Lifers” (people who hang out in the forum all day) whom I call them saying the same repetitive post over and over again all while enjoying the fruits of my labor. I mean you have members in my program that are so much in Profit already stating negative post in forums and trying to discredit the Program when I have been here and will continue to be here to Provide my members with a great Project and incentive driving revenue for everyone. You know who you are and if you continue to say remarks that are negative you account with be closed and you will be refunded! Keep the negative comments to yourself unless I have given you a reason to say it!

Then you have the DDOS attackers who just want to bring your program down and do not care how they do it – I mean I have had a DDOS Attacker from HongKong who literally tried to DDOS the site for several hours without stopping until he realized that it was being fended off by the hosting company. I honestly have to laugh when I saw that which is even funnier I got an e-mail from someone saying that if I don’t give him 1,000 dollars he was going to post not paying in the monitors… I mean I just have to laugh.

Then you have Monitors/Forum Owners/Other HYIP/Surf Program admins that capture your information and try to PHISH it to other Programs that you are involved in because they figure you will use it again, I had two incidents were they tried that with my members and I had to have a Keen Eye to see it and deal with it accordingly. Please utilize different passwords for each program you join that will eliminate this entirely.

There is a Monitor/Surf Owner in my Program that has 24 hours to apologize or I will mass e-mail everyone the incident. They tried to PHISH another member’s account info and send in a request to get an exchange based on the info that was used in his program and strategically try to cheat the member and I out of funds. So please use different passwords with other Programs while you are in mine.

Everyone is asking me why did TalkGold.com put my program in closed status and why did ASA and TG ban me. – Talkgold.com put my Program in closed status only because they did not like what I said about them which are obvious they promote scams over and over with the same admins and you can clearly see that. What they did was only prove that I am right and they cannot take it! They care what I say but not the members of their Forum which only proves I am right and was all along! –

My affiliate partner and I joined the Forums at the same time when we both started our projects under the same roof/office but not once did either of us say anything about each others Program in there. My affiliate partner did not even go back there when he saw both forums a sess pool of scams!. It was brought to ASA and TG attention numerous times and nothing was done about it… I guess they have a motto “Keep the Good Admins Out Bad Admins In”!! - That is the only reason why I got banned from those forums! -

Sorry for the Long Update. We are on the fourth payout cycle and I have great things ahead! I am here to give my members the best surf around… I know why I came here and I will accomplish that – to bring this industry back to were it belongs of honest admins!

I am sorry about this update but it had to be said - I am all about Positivity and Productivity so you will not see another negitive update again I just want to keep my members in the loop and let them know what I was up against. I hope this Proves my integrity for my program and the members! I would greatly appreciate positive support in the forums..as I have shown already! - I take notice so I would like to thank everyone that is showing their support for me in the forums… Thank YOU!

Don’t Worry Everyone I will not let anyone ruin this program for my members!
Have a Good Weekend!

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