Updated: 03/24/2009 08:21
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Another scam investment game program has manipulated the recent Liberty Reserve issue to scam his members. The admin claimed that all the funds in the Liberty Reserve have been stolen and he has had to close the program. The admin also promised to make refund soon as stated on his update which was as follow:

Dear members,
The FloatingFastProfit project is officially closed. Due to incident with stolen funds from the LibertyReserve account (read about incident on our blog) I can't send refund immediately (not enough funds). Please, understand it.

The LibertyReserve Abuse department keep silence regarding all my requests, but I decided to refund 30-40% for initial deposits (for members who not in profit). As soon as money for refund will be available (I must earn funds first) I'll start refund process.

Read updates our blog: http://floatingfastprofit.blogspot.com

Best regards,
FloatingFastProfit.com Admin

This program was started on February 17th and offers only one type of plan which was 104% after 1 day. Luckily for him, he launched the program at the right moment which gave him a kind of ‘good’ excuse to scam the members. But unluckily for the members, they can stop hoping for the refund as it is most unlikely to happen.


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