Updated: 03/24/2009 10:03
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HYIP hot news. Warning - phishing. PANAMONEY warns of phishing emails.

Email received from "Panamoney" with subject : Important update for your PanaMoney account.

Dear PanaMoney Client,

As you all know, a few days ago the site of PanaMoney Technologies Inc. became a victim of a phishing attack. Luckily, we became aware of the issue in time and notified all of our members via email, as well as posted a note on the front page of . The attack was severed at its arousal point. However, we are fully aware that phishing is an issue that cannot be dealt with so easily, and that is why our Security advisors have been devising a new security feature for quite some time now, that is ready to be implemented in the engine of the site.

The feature is called "Safe-n-Secure", and, in essence, it will ensure that you, the genuine account holder, are on the PanaMoney REAL website, and not on some impostor's fake website, aiming to get your login information. "Safe-n-Secure" is, in a nutshell, a special client certificate, which is unique for every one of our members. It requires a one-time download and install of your unique keycard PanaMoney software, consisting of a browser plugin which will pop-up a warning sign every time you happen to visit a website claiming to be PanaMoney, but is actually not affiliated with us. Alongside with that, your PanaMoney client certificate will prove to our server that you are the genuine account holder.

Please download and install your unique keycard and certificate by clicking on the "Download Safe-n-Secure" button, located below, unzipping the installation file to your hard drive, start it and follow the on-screen instructions. The install process is simple and easy. After you are done with the installation, RESTART your browser, so that the new plugin can step in effect, and you are good to go.

Please bear in mind that we have decided to make this transition to "Safe-n-Secure" non-optional and absolutely mandatory for everyone using our services. In 3 days, counting from today, you will NOT be able to enter your account with us, if you have not installed our "Safe-n-Secure" keycard and certificate. Additionally, the new system software might block your account and all funds in it, until we have resolved the issue and have proven your identity. The software must be installed at every computer that you will use to enter your PanaMoney account.

PanaMoney Inc. is not just one of the countless HYIPs out there. We care about the guaranteed satisfaction and aim to not only preserve our members trust in us ( we truly realize this is our greatest asset ), but to prove that we are worthy of it. Thank you for being an inseparable part of us.

Best regards,

David Austin,
Public Relations Manager,
PanaMoney Technologies, Inc.

I know… is phishing email and here is Panamoney's phisihing alert for this case :

PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. does not send any e-mails with a link for verification requiring you to provide your account details and security information. Please also note, the company has only one address: No other websites ( or any other) are associated with the company.
Never assume any website having the word 'panamoney' in its name, '' for example, has anything to do with or is endorsed by PanaMoney Technologies, Inc.

Due to some phishing activity, PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. would like to remind our clients that we don't require downloading any software and clicking on any links contained in e-mail messages claiming to be from PanaMoney Technologies, Inc.

Please, always pay attention you enter our website as www.PanaMoney.NET and no other. Our website is SSL-protected and hacker-proof, but there is no protection from a human factor, when some computer inexperienced client can be mislead by fraudsters and give out his/her account information.

Be careful

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