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All our constant readers ( it`s number is more than a 1 000 persons) knows well WHERE NOT TO INVEST thanks to the It is possible not only because of our energies, but also because of energies of our readers, who are regularly sending the warnings about dangerous programs, which are not worth of investing. We are publishing these warnings after the checking, often in the DAILY SCAM WARNINGS rubric. Last week we have received the next message among other warnings: "Dear Sir. I think 13 daily pro is not a real hyip. Be careful"

Unfortunately the author of this massage didn`t leave the links and extra information. That`s why we have started the investigation. During the checking we have found that there is exist) is closed now. It was the project of the GPT class, autosurfing. It was closed in 2007. The other project which we have found calls 13Daily.Pro ( it`s working but it`s also belong to the GPT class projects, autosurfing. We have contacted with administration of the project, Nathan Lopez. that he comment the petition. Unfortunately we have not found other projects with a such name.

On the last week we have written the next: According to the information that we have, we can`t prove our warnings, but we can`t ignore it. Our informational platform is for the both sides, and in this case, all what we can do - tell you these positions. From one side this message is anonymous warning, which can be a black PR, from other side the real administrator can say that this message is a mistake.

The letter with a such suggestion: to make the disclaimer. It was sent to the administrator of the program, Nathan Lopez... it was such a big surprise when in the beginning of this week the site just has stopped working! They have just disappeared, vanished into thin air. I was whipping the cat. That guys have scammed us. So, here is the prove, here are the facts which are proving the danger of the 13 daily pro. If only the author of the message have posted an exact link, we would not delay the publishing of our warning. But, now the chance is lost. It will be a good lesson for the next time.

Take care yourself and save your deposits.

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