Updated: 03/30/2009 19:13
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The experience is also important in investing like in any other sphere of the life. But the experience - the neutral thing. It doesn`t matter, you have gained a bad or a negative result, the experience which has gained with this result is NEUTRAL! That is a difference between investing and any other sphere of the life. Because when you are playing with investments you can play to the plus (increasing) and to the minus (lowering). Let`s not get into the lyrics, just a few important finds which have been made during the checking the case of 13 DAILY PRO (here is more detailed)

First of all, this monitoring site of the GPT programs: is still showing that 13DailyPro is paying. Secondly, we have found two review, the one is at the MONEY-news-online, another one at the Online-Invest Guide. Both are written recently, just a few months ago. It`s important to admit that MONEY-news-online has made a such update as soon as they have received a negative responses. Very useful and modern. The Online-Invest Guide have not done it, but their review looks more modest. It`s also a right way in a some sense.

Next time be careful.
Anyway listen to the advices of the professionals and be careful.
In any case MONEY-news-online and Online-Invest Guide have put appropriate mark of the 13DailyPro, maybe not in time, but very useful and cautionary.


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