Updated: 03/31/2009 16:42
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Lots of member have troubles with the Manual Surf section beause a lot send in either their personal surflink instead of the URL they want to promote

That's about me: zodiac's Birthday is coming closer and we'll having lots of contest during April and a collaboration surprise as well. But you can win right away when you can tell me how old zodiac-ads will turn on Friday! Send your answer along with your username to question@ zodiac-ads.com and use "Birthday" as subject line, okay? The 10 fastest member with the correct answer will get a free Email Ad (No PTP). I did some work on the Forum and added lot of categories and even a new subforum for all Webmaster PTR or not. Check it out, I'm sure you will love it! Joining is without cost and needs only a valid Email address and a username.

It seems like a lot of member having troubles with the Manual Surf section beause a lot send in either their personal surflink instead if the URL they want to promote or they forget to buy credits. If you're having problems feel free to use the redemption offers :) A reminder to our members from China and HongKong: you may use your earnings for redemptions ONLY. This means you won't get paid from this site. While a lot of sites don't allow members from countries like China to join I do allow you to join but like on an Advertising Only site...

We have some member checking bad keywords in their interests, please go through the checked keywords and uncheck the bad ones! Also we have some member with a suspended account that still haven't contacted me yet. Everybody with a suspended account or bad keywords checked will be deleted on Friday!

I guess I have said everything I wanted but than again I'm blonde and over 30 - that's worse than Alzheimer, lol. Enjoy the rest of the day and May the power of the stars be with you,

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