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1) Greetings. In this case let`s start from usual things. Please, introduce yourself and tell a few words about the activity of Genius Funds company?
My name is Mark Stelvio and I am the managing director here at Genius Funds. Our investment firm is based in Limassol, Cyprus. We manage two investment funds, both of which are domiciled in St. Vincent.

2) By the way, is it official name?
The official name of the company is Genius Investments (Cyprus) Limited.

3) Why have you decided to create the "representative office" in Internet?
I don`t think that the virtual economy space is so developed. The frauds, technological danger - all these things are not supporting to it`s serious perception.

In the digital age no serious investment firm can afford not to have a representation online. Although there are inherent risks in conducting business over the net, the advantage of being able to market our investment products over multiple markets outweighs the risks. We employ the latest security technology and invest thousands of dollars in software and services that provides our users a safe online environment.

4) Looks like Genius Funds was always existing. Anyway, now it`s hard to remember when GF has appeared on the market. But, of course, you know this date. When it was happened?
Our firm is in business from December, 2007.

5) What was the developing of the company after entering to the blue water of the virtual economy?
Actually, our company had already been developed prior to our entry into what you call “virtual” economy. The investment funds, the financial infrastructure and licensing were already in place. We had already been in operation prior to the web site being produced and put online. After we have entered the net, our customer based had increased dramatically. We now have more than 8000 investors from 70 countries around the globe.

6) What were the main difficulties on your way? How did you overcome the difficulties? First of all, I mean the difficulties on the way of "virtual" development.

One of the most serious difficulties that we were facing since we have began servicing investors on the net is the security issue. From the beginning, our web site was a target of multiple attempts to gain illegal access to customers accounts and information. We have also been under denial of service attacks several times. As our customers will tell you, neither of these attacks have succeeded. Our web site has a 99% up time record, notwithstanding the attempted attacks. Our investor's accounts have never been tampered with or hacked.

7) Now, summing up some period of your work, can you enumerate your progress, gained tops, also how many clients do you have, what is the asset, team?
We currently service more than 8000 investors from 70 countries. The combined assets of our funds exceed 20 million USD. Genius maintains a fully staffed office in Limassol and trading offices in Hong Kong.

8) Of course we are also interested in your future plans.
In the near future we plan to introduce a new investment product, details of which I am not able to reveal in the course of this interview. We also plan to localize the web site for our Spanish speaking audience. Server and network infrastructure improvements are also scheduled for 2009.

Genius Investments Limited
Tel. +44 200 222 7598
Fax. +44 207 855 0844

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