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Recently we have found a new managed Forex trading tool offered by PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. We could not help but get in contact with Mr. Fernando Montero, the President and Director of this company, to satisfy our curiosity and find out more about the trading system.

1) Hello Mr. Montero. Please, introduce yourself and give us the idea of what your company has to offer to its clients.
Hi everybody. I’m Fernando Montero representing PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. We are pleased to offer the best in kind automated trading system allowing our clients to open managed Forex accounts on our website (WWW.PANAMONEY.NET) and by investing into the largest and fast-growing markets of the world to make the profits no other company’s are likely to offer.

2) Could you be more specific about your company? How long has it been in the business?
PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. is a legally registered and duly licensed company with its principal place of business in Panama City, Panama, but as our business involves Forex trading and Internet our commercial interests spread far beyond any specific territory. Our actual address in Panama is 50th Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite H. PanaMoney is a rather young company, registered in March 2008, but it was established in order to unite the best professional skills and knowledge, large experience and enthusiastic efforts of our highly motivated employees who wanted to be a part of something new and contribute to the development of managed trading worldwide. They all, as well as I, have been in this international business for 5 years at least.

3) How big is your company?
As we are still rather young as a company we currently have 23 employees who all are the core elements of the company. We go for the efficiency rather that size, so it’s better to have a few responsible and highly-trained professionals than many unskilled employees. But it does not mean we will stop on these 23. We have rather huge plans for the company’s prospective development, including human resources issues, and we are open to all new talents who have something to offer to the company.

We provide career opportunities to those interested in mathematics, finance, programming and communication with clients and who can work in our departments: Finance, Technical and Software, Marketing and Customer Support. Currently we have 7 market analysts who trade for the company, 8 technical and software professionals, 5 employees in Customer Support and 2 in Marketing.

4) Today there are quite a few options for those who want to invest in Forex. What is so unique about your company? What advantages do you have?
I would say that there is a lack of good systems that can bring real and stable profit to their clients. We are the one that is client-oriented meaning that we make our clients’ money work as we do our own. In addition, we do it the best possible way and through a user-friendly interface. All our advantages come together in our unique trading system, which include:

  • Transparency: our clients can see the company’s trading history as well as the history of all transactions they make. That is what makes us unique compared with other managed Forex trading companies;
  • Live real-time trading so they can monitor the market situation and our entry thereto;
  • Selection of a currency pair to trade: the clients choose the currency pair to trade so they can take the maximum profits of the currency with the best results on the market ;
  • Profits paid daily: the interest earned during the day goes to the clients’ accounts on the next day.
  • “No loss” guarantee: no loss from the negative trading results is deducted from the clients’ accounts; all investments are insured with PanaMoney Safety Fund;
  • Beneficial referral program: we pay 5% live-long referral commission from every referred client’s investment and reinvestment.

5) Sounds very promising. Could you tell us more about the “no loss” guarantee, how does it work?
As I said it means that no loss is deducted from the client’s account. When at the end of the trading day the company’s trading results were negative (sometimes it can happen), all losses are covered by the Company, but not our clients. Especially for such purposes, we have established the Safety Fund formed from our profits and ensuring our clients’ deposits remain safe. So the client, no matter how big his/her investment is, just can’t have any loss when trading and risks only his/her interest, but not the deposit!

6) For many on-line companies the security issues are very urgent. How do you secure your clients’ accounts?
PanaMoney uses the latest advanced technologies to secure our clients’ accounts. Our website is DDOS and SSL protected and hacker-proof. Our clients can use SRK keyboard to prevent keylogging their password when logging into account.

7) Talking more specifically. What profits are we talking about? How much can your clients make?
The possible earnings depend on the invested amount. Our clients can choose from a number of investment plans PanaMoney has to offer for the period of 16-180 trading days.

When investing 30-49 USD the maximum interest per day is 0.5%.
Investing of 50-99 USD can bring the maximum daily interest per day of 1%.
100-999 USD can make 1.3% daily,
1,000 – 4,900 USD can make 1.6%
5,000 – 9,999 USD – 1.9%
10,000-14,999 USD – 2.2%
15,000 – 19,999 USD – 2.5%
20,000 or more can bring the maximum of 2.8%.

All percents are paid to our clients daily! You can find more details on our website –

8) What are the minimum and the maximum to invest?
At first, I’d like to say that a client can deposit as little as 1 US dollar to his/her PanaMoney account, but to make the money work the client should invest at least 30 dollars to open the Trial investment plan. We also provide an opportunity to invest by bank transfer. In this case the minimum is 5,000 USD. There is no maximum limit for bank transfers as well as electronic payment systems.

9) Speaking of electronic payment systems. Which ones do you use?
We are not anyhow associated with any electronic payment systems but we use Liberty Reserve and V-money to make transactions with our clients. In the future we may consider the company accepting other electronic currencies. And as I have already mentioned, we accept bank transfers after the client is validated and signs a contract with our company.

10) How can the client withdraw his/her profits?
It is easy: the client can request withdrawal from our website at any time. When the money on his/her account is not invested into any investment plan (they are the interest earned, deposited but not invested, referral commission or other) they can be withdrawn any time. However, there is a limit for withdrawals via bank transfer stating that the minimum to withdraw via bank transfer is 1,000 USD. The clients should also remember that invested amounts can be withdrawn only when the investment period of their investment plan expires, otherwise, they will be charged with an early withdrawal fee to cover the company’s costs.

11) You say your system is easy to use, but what if a client has questions?
I also said that we are client-oriented. To this end, we have live Customer Support available to provide our clients with timely answers to any of their questions. Besides, clients can submit a ticket to the support, e-mail or send a message through a contact form on our website. Actually we always look for our clients’ feedback because it helps us to improve the work we do.

11) What about phone support? Do you have one?
For now we do not provide any phone support. As we have just entered the business we are rather limited in our human resources and taking into account all available options to contact the company allowing the clients to get immediate answers to any of their concerns, we ended up with having on-line support. However, our plans do include the establishment of a large 24/7 Call Center to provide customer support. But it will take time to find and train the staff for the function.

12) How can clients monitor the trading sessions?
PanaMoney offers the advantage of watching live real-time Forex trading sessions on-line by providing Forex charts for four main currency pairs we trade with. There, one can see the current price as well as the point our trading session started at. A special chart shows our profits during the trading session. Additional information is available on our website. The transparency of our trading sessions and profits is what makes our company unique compared with other managed Forex trading companies.

13) And what about the trading results?
The transparency policy implemented with our company stipulates we show the results of every day trades. The exact profit we made for the day per currency pair can be found on our company’s website, so everyone can see and estimate the profits they will receive to their accounts.

14) Can clients reinvest their profits and how can they do it?
Every day our clients receive their profits to their accounts. They can open a new investment plan to make the money bring even greater profits or they can combine the existing investment plans into one meaning two or more plans will be added together becoming a greater investment.

16) What extra opportunities to earn money does your company offer?
As our clients are of fundamental value to us, we are interested in creating attractive conditions providing more options for making money. One of the options that meets our clients’ as well as the company’s interests is our referral program which pays 5% referral commission life-long for all amounts invested or reinvested by every referred client.

17) Your description of your company’s business was rather detailed. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I would encourage everyone to visit our website and find more information about the company and its business. Unfortunately no interview can show all benefits of trading with PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. compared to the real engagement with our Company.

I personally would like to add that creation of PanaMoney has been my best and the most rewarding experience and the company’s main principle is to achieve the best balance between its commercial interests and personal interests of its clients.

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