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Happy Monday Everyone, It seems I am attracting all the Looney Bins trying to say anything just to try and discredit my program and it has been...

Happy Monday Everyone, It seems I am attracting all the Looney Bins trying to say anything just to try and discredit my program and it has been happening since day 1 since I launched.

I have had so much negativity since conception even my hosting provider did not think I would last this long. I will be 100% honest it is not because of any upgrades that this program is surviving, it is because of my own hard work and revenue thus far that I am establishing here and I do it for the e-mails I get from single MOMS telling me how grateful they are to find a reliable program and many people that are putting their trust in me etc. I will do my best to create a good program for everyone and I do not want to give anyone an impression that I am running a “PONZI” that is not the case and I will do my best to at least give my members a earning incentive even if the ROI changes slightly down in the future, I want to be here a long time as I have many plans with this site and not just surfing.

Please do not use the same password you do with other programs, I have had 4 occasions were members accounts were changed because of this and NOW I have to process all Pendings manually and double check from my PP that those upgrades were from the members accounts to make sure, I am trying to create a real business model so please be patient as I will get to your pendings accordingly it just may be an extra business day or two but I am still within terms lately. It saddens me that I have free members that try and hurt this program in every which way they can either by putting bogus frame breakers or vulgar web sites etc so I am forced to delete all free members so I can do a clean sweep of all this non-sense as I have not had time to check each and every web site but I will now once I do this sweep.. So if you are serious and want to promote your website you need to upgrade once, get pass my sweep and you will be fine! Sorry about this but I run a tight ship and I cannot let any free member just take advantage of this to dilute my program with profanity, Free members have until tomorrow night to upgrade at least once to get past my sweep.

Last but not least, I am deleting and refunding 2 members that spoke negatively just so they can be cool and mock this program when they are in profit and I did not appreciate the mockery so I am deleting their membership which it would not matter cause they were in profit anyway but they would have been refunded in FULL regardless.

I am a very positive person and I will do my best for my membership as I have great plans but I also have a low tolerance for anyone trying to discredit anything I am involved in. I have many obstacles running this program more then any other admin out there I am sure and I am still here and will continue to be here! I am even creating a unique portion for the script were additional revenue will be disbursed back to new members not in profit as we go along… More on that as it develops. I said it once and I will say it again I will be the best out there and take this industry back to were it belongs!!! I have a BIG EGO and I will stand by it!

- I already outlasted all the new programs and most of my members are in profit already so I know I am doing a good job so please do your part and support ProjectSurf - it will be here when all other programs are gone… I am going to incorporate a community of niches to create a online active community of people to interact with each other while surfing… So Much More to Come very soon! Regards, Admin.

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