Updated: 04/09/2009 03:47
Hyip Monitor

I wanted to take a minute to update you as to what I am currently doing to the site.
1. Jackpot--I have added the Jackpot system to the site. It will work like this. There will be offers scattered on the site and they will say different amounts of money & Jackpot Entry. It will look like this ,,,,, .72 & Jackpot Entry.
Every time you do a Jackpot Offer you get an entry into Saturday Nights Jackpot.

Also, whenever you complete that offer, a certain amount of money will be added to the Jackpot. The more Jackpot Offers that Members Complete the higher the Jackpot gets

The Jackpot will be held Every Saturday Night. Remember that the amount of the Jackpot depends on you.

2. I have added the Points system. You Will soon see a link that will take you straight to where the points can be redeemed. If you have any Problems finding this Please let me know.

3. Adding Offers. As Of right now I am adding all sorts of new offers. They can only be found in the NEW OFFERS link. I will take them out Everyday and place them in the folders they belong. I will then replace them with BRAND NEW OFFERS.

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