Updated: 04/10/2009 19:19
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Just letting you know I am taking my girls camping tomorrow - We are leaving around noon and will be back late saturday night - I extended the Completion Contest into Easter Sunday only to be sure I get back and approve all the offers before the contest ends. Instant crediting offers will credit as normal and I will do the manual offers as soon as I get back on Saturday night. The contest will end as soon as I credit all offers.
Remember 3 places $25, $10 and $5 for 3 lucky winners.
Have fun guys
After the easter holiday I will be adding more new offers and I still have not heard back from you guys if you want regular contests at the end of the month or if you want a Mother's day contest to have something sent to the lady of your choice for mother's day. Please respond back so that we can take a vote and decide what we are doing this month.

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