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I would like to give members of this program some information on it. Wiccan Way was started by me in February of 2008. I was forced to leave the...

I would like to give members of this program some information on it. Wiccan Way was started by me in February of 2008. I was forced to leave the internet for awhile due to mine and my son's life being threatened. The site was to be watched by another po until my return. It was sold less than a week after I left. Upon my return in January, I learned it had been sold. I checked the who is for the domain name and saw that it was still registered to me. I asked that my name be removed. I didn't feel it right to put the new owner or the members in the middle of a battle, so had every intention of letting it go. I was assured in January it would be transferred from my name that day. It wasn't. The domain was even renewed in February and still wasn't taken out of my name. The whole history of this site from it's birth in February of 2008, it has been registered to me. On the 7th of this month I was informed that it was STILL in my name. I contacted my domain resistrar and reclaimed the site. The previous owner and their host are refusing to give me the core of the site. I have started rebuilding it and have every intention of honoring all purchased upgrades and affiliate pages. If the back ups/members accounts/etc. are returned to me I will upload them to the new site. I just felt it was faster and easier to at least get it back up and open. The site had a total of 88 members when I took it back. I would like to ask anyone who was a member to please email me to support@ wiccanway.info. If you have paid help, you will have your earnings and downline. If not, we will discuss a fair and reasonable solution to returning your accounts. I know that without the back ups and the database this is going to be a rough road at first. I appologize that it came to this. It appears that the guilty parties are the only ones who aren't being punished.

I am not posting names and trying to turn this into a war. I will, however, once again, ask for at least the information of the members accounts. It is not fair for them to be punished over the mess created by the dishonesty of others. What I will say is, those of you involved know who you are and if you're unwilling to give me the whole database, fine, don't, but at least have the maturity and deceny to send me an email of the members accounts.

I also welcome any members to email me, post here or message me with any coments, questions, complaints or anything else. The site will be ready to open back up by Monday.

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