Updated: 04/13/2009 22:02
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Requested yesterday a payment from woip-system, but hasn't paid yet. Scammed? - such message was sent by the one of our readers. Dear reader, seems like you are right. It is really looks
like a scam. But woip-system - is a solid program, which is working on the market for a long time, and probably now we are talking about some breakdown.

We have contacted the administrator of the program, we are expecting
that he will disprove this information. Besides, we have wide spread this message about this warning on the forums, that`s why we are sure that, you will get the additional information very soon.

But, now we can say for sure that there are NO evidently proves. The project is still paying, the are no messages about delays, the official persons have not reported about any problems.
Follow us.

We are reminding, that now it`s easy to tell the audience of more than 1000 investors about the suspicious project: you just need to click on the form in the right corner at the hyipnews.com and write a few lines. Do not keep silence, help you colleagues.

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