Updated: 04/14/2009 23:23
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As we near EarnEasyCash ninth month of serving advertisers and members like yourself, we end the 10000 member mark promotion

As we near EarnEasyCash's ninth month of serving advertisers and members like yourself, we end the 10,000 member mark promotion. I would like to thank you all for participating and being such great members. I know a lot of you may have missed the Free Specials offered daily in the forum therefore I am making one Free Special that is for people reading this email. Simply reply to this email with your USERNAME on EarnEasyCash and your account will be credited $0.05 Cash + 150 Link Credits. Please allow up to 3 days for crediting.

Don't forget! The end of the Purchase Contest & Raffle is soon (April 15th at 1 A.M. Eastern). Each 1$ spent earns you a ticket in the raffle to win a prize and the top purchasers receive cash prizes! Make your last minute purchases now!

I recently updated the purchase totals for members. If you see an error, please contact me.
Visit http://www.eecash.info/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=719&p=4193 for more details.

Technical News

Advertisers who advertise using PTC Banner Ads (soon), PTC Surf Ads, or Email Ads will begin to receive automated emails to alert him/her that their advertisement has expired. The intent is to increase return rate of advertisers and make it easier for advertisers to track their ads without needing to visit EarnEasyCash. Each email will be from admin@earneasycash.info with subject "EarnEasyCash - Your ad has expired". It will include your username and name of the advertisement that expired along with instructions on how to add credits to your ad. If you receive an email that is not intended for you or you see an error (beginning April 12th) Please contact me.

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