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Paypal is one of the top payment processors on the Internet nowadays. The good thing is you we will share with you five methods for you to make money online with PayPal.

The first method for you to make money online with Paypal is by signing up with free get paid to websites or also called GPT websites. All you have to do is to execute the free offers or surveys in order to earn some funds and withdraw the money directly to your Paypal account. If you want to make even more money, you should actively promote the GPT websites and get as many referrals as you can. So that you can earn certain percentage of what all of your referrals earn in total. You also must make the websites are definitely legitimate and reliable in sense of honoring the payment.

There is a way for you to get to know the legitimate and reliable GPT websites on the internet. You can find them on money making online or work from home related public forums. People tend to share what they think is good money making online opportunity on public forum via online and at the same time they are trying to get as many referrals as they can. So, always hang out on related forums as it is a good medium to spread the world fast and easy.

The second way to make money online with Paypal is to offer your service as a freelancer on the internet and accept Paypal as a payment getaway to receive the payment for the tasks you have done. If you have previous experience, knowledge, and charge a fair fee, you should have no problem to get your first freelance task. From there, you can easily get the following tasks whether from the same clients or others.

Other than offering and listing your service on freelance websites, you also can join community based websites which pay you to be active on their websites. Basically, you can start new conversations as well as replying to existing ones. Normally, this type of website pays their members via Paypal. One of good example of community based websites which pay you to be active in replying and starting conversions on their websites is mylot.com.

The third way which is also effective to make money online with Paypal is by setting up and running a blog. In order to minimize your initial capital in setting up a blog before you are actually earn any income, you can just simply use those free blog hosting providers such as blogger and wordpress. You can make your blog up and active online with a few clicks. Then you can immediately write your own article and make your first blog post.

Upon having an active blog, you can start making money by selling advertisement spots, offer your service of writing and placing blog posts on your own blog, write reviews of other people’s websites, products and services. You also can promote your affiliate product or service or even selling your own product or service by using Paypal as way to receive payments from your potential clients.

The forth easy way to make money online with Paypal is by registering with affiliate marketplace provider which handles all the transactions via Paypal - paydot.com. This website has the same functions and features like clickbank where you can search and select as many affiliate products and services as you wish to promote and sell them. While most of the similar affiliate marketplace providers make payment to their members via check and wire transfer, with paydot.com, you will receive the commissions you earn being credited directly to your Paypal account.

Finally, with all the fast and ease way the internet can bring to you, you can set up and run your own e-commerce website. Do your research and select a niche where many people are searching for it and at the same time not much of other e-commerce websites that you have to compete with.

In order to avoid incurring lots of initial capital to purchase the stocks and to store them, you can opt to drop shipping where you take payment for an item and pay the supplier while keeping certain percentage for yourself as a profit, and then the supplier will deliver the item directly to the customer on your behalf.

If you opt to do that, then you can use PayPal as your payment getaway to receive and make instant money via online from your potential buyers.


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