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OK guys, few things here. First of all, we are going to shoot for a redo of password in chat tonight at 6PM CST. If you have your words from last week...

OK guys, few things here.

First of all, we are going to shoot for a redo of password in chat tonight at 6PM CST. If you have your words from last week, go ahead and keep them. If you want to play tonight and need a word, please reply or pm me so I can get those to you ahead of time if possible. If you are unable to, you can still show up in chat and I can get it to you then. Remember, depending on the number of people that show, we may play once, or we may play up to two or three times. The prizes will be determined as we test the game, but of course, everyone leaves with something. The game costs nothing,and remember if you need instructions, you may find them in the forum, or I can email them to you.

I will also be starting your poll about next week's games, so you can vote on the old favorites, or try out some new ones like jeopardy, match game, pyramid, sure and get your say in!

NOW, I am also about to start your weekly poll, for which of course, you get .10 just for voting, as your input is always valued. I have come up with an idea to play a game next month, and with the help of another member, and another site, would like to get your feedback on if this is something you would want to play. I would like to create a Cupid's Arrow Tribe, and play against MMI in a month long game of Survivor. Details are still being worked on, but there will be challenges, rewards, anonymous votes, all the excitement of the show...and everyone is welcome to participate. Hopefully, this sounds interesting enough to at least get you to vote one way or the other :)

This would replace either monopoly or battleship, but the other monthly game would continue.

All the tax contests end tonight. We did get a winner in the earnings contest, congratulations to Happyface, who won her choice of a WII or 300.00 cash. For the other two contests, if noone meets the minimum, the top in each category will still get something for their efforts, and every single one of you who participated are just awesome!

As a heads up, you might want to spend my birthday with me, as I may have some presents for everyone, so just keep an eye out. That day will kick off another sweet week as well, due to all the late April babies we have here on Cupid.

If anyone has any questions, post, pm, or email...Nadia is always available, and I am getting caught up now, so should be as well.

You guys have a great Wednesday!

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