Updated: 04/16/2009 17:58
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I subscribe to several 'newsletters' which are supposed to help me with my web sites. They offer advice on how to make money, how to drive traffic, keywords, etc etc. In the past, they have all been extremely helpful. Lots of very good advice which I've used and seen results from.

Now it is becoming the same old, same old.

I just received an email from a site that has, in the past, been loaded with helpful info. Lately, it's is just a rehash of old stuff. Today's email had an article written with a 2009 copywrite: "Ten Ways to Get Web Traffic Fast ... and Free"

And what are the 'ten ways'?

Article Submission
URL Submission
Social Bookmarking
Forum Posting
Blog Comments
Press Releases
Affiliate Marketing

You will find posts in this blog on just about every one of them. Actually, I've written multiple posts about 8 of them. Does this mean there is nothing new for me to learn about driving traffic to my sites? I wouldn't think so. I think I just have to now delve a bit deeper.

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