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Hello Troopers and welcome to Tax Day! April 15th is considered one of the most stressful days for most Americans. Despite the stress of paying taxes,...

Hello Troopers and welcome to Tax Day! April 15th is considered one of the most stressful days for most Americans. Despite the stress of paying taxes, despite the unstable economy, despite the housing crisis, despite the crashing stock market, isn't it good to know that TreasureTrooper is still here to put some extra cash in your pocket every month?
In the past ten days, we have added 211 new offers! We now have well over 600 offers that you can get paid to complete. Most of these are absolutely free! Be sure to check out the Quarter Bin as we just added a couple dozen new offers that are EXTREMELY easy to complete!
Having a hard time getting referrals? Well, we recently launched a sister site that has the potential of being the best referral-obtaining tool you could ever want. Take a look for yourself. Visit and sign in with your TreasureTrooper login information. For more information, including a way to get 24 free pearls, take a look at this thread in our forum.
Last fall, we added a great new feature that really has become a Trooper favorite. It's called the "Quarter Bin" and it's filled with a bunch of offers that pay, well, a quarter! These offers don't pay as much as some of the other offers on our site, but one thing is true… they are EASY to complete! If you haven't logged in to your account in awhile, we'd encourage you to do so just for the sake of taking a look at these offers. They take just a few seconds to complete and can add up quickly. We currently have 72 offers in the Quarter Bin. That's an extra $18 for you! Just login to your account and click the "Quarter Bin" button on the right-hand side.
This month's Treasure Hunt will take place in the forums on April 21st at 8pm, CST. There will be multiple winners this month, so make plans to attend. It doesn't cost anything to participate other than purchasing a ticket from the Trading Hut. The Treasure Hunts are always a lot of fun, so be sure to arrive early in order to avoid missing it!
Some of you have noticed the new Special Studies section on your Cash Surveys page. This is a place where we will place surveys in which advertisers are looking for certain demographics to complete their questionnaire. This is a great opportunity to make a few extra bucks, but be sure to check the page often because new studies go up and come down quickly.

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