Updated: 04/21/2009 10:46
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In the HYIP sphere it`s accepted, that administrator makes everything, not to come into view of the public. First of all, the public, which is the investors. Frankly speaking, we can say that a reason of it is that not all risks can be predictable and frequently the administrators of HYIP can`t do all their a word, often the high yield investment programs ( or investment gambling games) are closing. But here, everybody knows your face - danger. You can break your face.

That`s why "honest, frank" administrator of the program - is not just a good sign. Very often it`s a decisive sign, by which the program is taken as honest. If the administrator appeared on the forum by his own person, every one believes him at once. But dear investors, readers and just people who are interesting in it. Look carefully!

The administrator on the forum or in the correspondence - it means nothing. In the modern world, there are lots of technological decisions to make all these activity without a minimum risk to be "recognized", without a minimum risk to be busted. They are not showing their passport data! They are just acting good. No, no, I don`t wanna say that all admins just show it to the public, maybe they are good guys in the real life, but it should not have a big meaning to such a thing like "publicity" of the solidity of the company. By the way it`s not a main thing.

Lots of administrators do not talk, because they don`t speak English.
Lots of administrators do not talk, because they are cowards.
Lots of administrators do not talk, because they think it`s not important.

So, if you see on the SEO forum or PR Representative of Company, simply the administrator of the HYIP (or investment gambling games) that means only that he is impudent, who speaks English and makes promotion for his program, by selling "face". And nothing more.


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