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If you have your own website and you want to conduct a successful business through it you need to consider many things

If you have your own website and you want to conduct a successful business through it you need to consider many things and website content is not the last of them. There are several ways how businesses address this issue. Some decide to hire a group of authors to write dedicated works for them, others prefer to buy ready articles at content providers. The latter will be the subject of our discussion below.

Before you start earning something with your website you will have to bring potential customers to your “virtual office” which is achieved through properly organized content. An online business person should place well-written materials on their website so as to target his/her audience and attract free search engine traffic through such services as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

Today most Internet sites use free search engine traffic to build their business. In fact it is very convenient to invite targeted visitors who have been already searching for the services you offer. Thus if you have a product that interests Internet surfers and you properly tell about it on your website a search engine will direct these consumers to you free of charge.

According to some source building website content is not just about buying articles relevant to your activity, it is about creating reputation on the Internet. Your image in the eyes of a search engine is your opportunity to target the market. Search engine machines determine which website is the most relative to certain subjects, they use special algorithms that consider such aspects within your website content as images and link text, key words and relevance, links to your website from other related sites and your overall Web presence.

But the keywords, images and volume of your content are not all what you need to be noticed by the search engine. The quality is very important in chase of the top positions in the search engine query lists. Search engines check how many other websites contain the same exact materials as you have. Therefore as some experts say you cannot rely exclusively on articles obtained at free directories. At times it certainly can be reasonable and useful. Yet the over-reliance on such sources may undermine your name and spoil your ranking on the Internet.

In order to have some authority among other websites you need to provide some unique information related to the subject of your business. Industry experts note: “The more unique content articles on your website, the better chances you'll have of reaching top results in the search engines.”

More and more businesses today purchase complete rights to content articles. They directly contact authors and ask them to write articles exclusively for their website. In this case authors will never sell their works to other Internet sites while a business will have an absolutely unique and new article.

Still, you should avoid excessiveness as we already mentioned otherwise you risk having your authors exhausted. As you need unique articles constantly, writing something new may become a burden for the same author while your content would be homogeneous and boring. But if you decide to use a group of authors with complete copyrights to their works it may turn onerous for you because in this case you will have to deal with several people instead of one.

Therefore you had better to combine several approaches. You may pay a little lower for articles at content providers while authors retain their rights and may sell these works to others. You have your quality content while the author needn't puzzle over how to fill your website with something unique every time.

Buying articles at content providers means that you pay for usage rights which ensures that the article will not appear on a big number of other sites. You just should make sure that the author won't place his/her work on a free article directory later. This way you have an article that many other websites won't.

Today content providers offer you a variety of products meant for different purposes. If you need an absolutely unique product with the guarantee that this work will not be published by other sites content providers have rich bases of articles sold with complete copyrights to them. But you can still order quality works with only usage rights. Thus sometimes you can buy unique articles and sometimes you can purchase content offered to a number of websites.

Sifting through the multiple article and content directories in the query list of a search engine you may run across such names as Acquirecontent, Niche-content-packages and Skontent. We checked the product offerings and price structures of each of these content providers. Of course there is a great number of content providers on the Internet but we decided that these two agencies are most noteworthy.

Acquirecontent is a website for Gale, a Farmington Hills. Michigan-based company, which is a part of Cengage Learning. It works in the field of electronic research and educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses. According to the company data it creates and maintains over 600 databases that are published online, in print, as eBooks and in microform.

Acquirecontent licenses content to different companies and organizations operating in various markets. Depending on the type of a partnership chosen by a website Acquirecontent offers different licensing fee and revenue share schemes. The prices are dependent upon several factors, including (but not limited to) the type and amount of usage of the licensed content, the primary market in which the content will be used, the business model of your company or organization, and the general value of the content being licensed.

The company has its own rules on how the content you purchase from them should be used on your website. Some works you buy should be offered on a subscription base only while other content can be used in freely available, advertising supported services.

The frequency of content updates depends on specific publications. Gale says that it “will deliver updated content to you as soon as updates are available.”

On Acquirecontent website you can find articles on following topics:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Biography and Genealogy
  • Business and Industries
  • General and Consumer Interests
  • Government and Political Science
  • Health and Medicine
  • Law
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences

Apart from the “Topics” directory there is also “Collections” section which contains:

  • African-American Studies Collection
  • Biology Collection
  • Catholicism Collection
  • Composition and Writing Collection
  • Dramatic Literature Collection
  • Economics Collection
  • Geography Collection
  • Nutrition Collection
  • Poetry Collection
  • Vocational and Career Collection
  • Accounting and Finance Collection
  • American Government Collection
  • Business Collection
  • Children's Health Collection
  • Criminal Justice Collection
  • Earth Science Collection
  • Ethics Collection
  • Islam Collection
  • Physics Collection
  • Psychology Collection

Each of the Subjects has several sub-menu options you can select from.

In order to purchase content from Gale you should follow three steps offered on the Acquirecontent site:

1. Browse topics, titles, and collections
Use navigation tools to identify the content that meets the needs of business. Search by keyword, and browse by topic, publication, or collection.

2. Create your own collections
Mark the titles you're interested in licensing, and review your marked lists saved in your account.

3. Contact Gale about licensing your collection
To inquire about licensing the content you've marked, contact a Gale representative for a quote.

On Acquirecontent you can pass the registration procedure after which you can start placing your orders as described above. Browsing the Topics lists you can put a tick 'Mark This Title' alongside any publication or collection you'd like to license, and this content will be added to your account for later submission of a licensing inquiry.

After you submit the list of content you want to purchase Gale will review it against the business model of your future use and then the company will be working with you on conjointly establish the prices and length of a licensing term. Gale claims that it tries to contact customers within two business days once the order is placed. After the contract is signed gale can begin delivering content the next day. Additionally gale representative will also discuss the format you prefer your content to be delivered in.

Gale says: “Our content is highly structured and normalized: we currently deliver content in either XML or fielded / tagged ASCII; regardless of formats, we supply detailed data specifications and DTDs (document type definitions) for all of our formats. In addition, our content includes robust metadata that allow our partners to very easily integrate our content into their products, sites, and services.” has been working as a content provider since 2005. It claims to have served hundreds of websites, blogs and newsletters. Niche-content-packages offers both PLR and unique articles. In order to buy content from this provider you will also need to register an account.

Once you have completed your registration you can place your orders. If you want to purchase one or more PLR article packages you need to buy credits so you're able to download these products. Niche-content offers several subscription levels. Every month you get a number of credits in your account, depending on the subscription level you choose. You can also buy credits on an individual basis.

If you want to buy a unique article you needn't to pay for credits. You just add the article to your shopping cart, checkout and pay.

Niche-content offers you a selection of the following topics:

  • Animals and Pets
  • Babies
  • Business
  • Computers and Internet
  • Finance and Investment
  • Food and Drink
  • Gaming
  • Gardening
  • Health
  • Hobbies
  • Holidays
  • Home
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Parenting
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Wedding

While Gale does not specifies the prices on its website Niche-content provides a complete price list both for PLR and unique articles. When subscribing for PLR article packages you have two options:

1. Monthly Credits Subscription
Choose between several monthly subscription options to obtain a specific number of credits into your account every month.

2. One-Time Credits Purchase
Purchase the amount of credits you require on a one time basis.

Monthly subscriptions vary from $57 to $600. After you choose your subscription and press Buy Now button you will be asked to complete and verify your details. Once the purchase is complete Niche-content will load a number of credits bought. Then you can use your credits to download any PLR package from the site. Each time you download one or more of our PLR article packages, your credits balance will be automatically adjusted.

The cost of a one credit is $2. But if the number of credits you purchase is 25 and more Niche-content provides you rebates up to $150. So if you buy 25 credits you will for them $40.

If you buy unique articles you are granted complete copyrights to them. You will be the only owner. Once the article is downloaded it will never be available for other users. The lowest price for the article is $20 and the highest is $50.

Skontent is a content provider that has been operating in public communities and forums for more than 3 years now, and claims to have clients from all parts of the world. It first started as a 3-member team based in India and now the organization has 40 full time writers. All writers have a Masters Degree in English Language.

Skontent offers such services as:

  • General content writing
  • Review writing
  • SEO content writing
  • Blog writing and maintenance
  • Ebook writing
  • Technical content writing

General Content Writing includes writing essays, compositions, writing for books, magazines, documentaries, websites, etc.

Review writing implies reviews of products and services as per the requirements. Skontent writes reviews based on the product description you give, or any other kind of information about the specific product or service.

SEO content writing means that Skontent adjusts your website to increase Search Engine visibility. SEO content writing services include the following:

  • Researching the best keywords for a given Niche
  • Analyzing competition on Specific keywords
  • Researching Long-tail keywords that send traffic and have high conversion rates
  • Preparation of keyword rich content for webpages (100% unique and CopyScape passed.)
  • Maintaining the optimum Keyword Density Ratio
  • Giving Valuable information to human visitors as well as increasing Search engine visibility, helping your site to rank higher for keywords

Skontent also creates blogs on the subjects you select. It makes regular posts on your blog and takes care of other SEO related factors. Besides, Skontent may assume design of your blog and AdSense implementation to achieve the higher CTR.

Skontent may write for you an electronic book covering a certain subject. After you specify the topic the content provider will do all the research work and segregate the work as a book. Ebook is published in the name of your organization and you will have complete rights to it.

When you order Technical content Skontent claims to exploit specialized writers coming from different backgrounds. Skontent offers the following technical works:

  • User Manuals / Help Documentation
  • Technical Tutorials / Reference Guides
  • Research Papers
  • Project Reports / Report Analysis
  • Software Coding / Hardware Documentation

Prices vary depending on the type of content you need. In case with general content, review, SEO content and blog writing Skontent sets prices according to the length of the text you specify. For instance, for up to 200 articles with 300 words you will pay $5 per article.

Ebooks and technical content is priced differently. After you provide your requirements Skontent will supposedly give you a pricing quote within 48 hours.

Content is about the success of your website. If you have scarce finance and time resources rendering to content providers may turn most optimum way for you. You just need to find a provider whom you may trust and who can offer you a quality product at reasonable prices.

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