Updated: 04/23/2009 08:12
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According to the local sources the police initiated a credit card fraud investigation after the employees at an Ikea in central Sweden discovered a suspicious device attached to one of the store's card payment machines. The police was called at about 2pm on Monday afternoon when workers at the Jonkoping Ikea found what they believed to be skimming equipment attached to a card reader at one of the store's self-service check out aisles. Authorities believe that between 10am and 2pm the machine was situated at the place where it was found: that was determined from surveillance camera footage, and may have been used to collect credit card information from around 50 customers making legitimate purchases at Ikea. People who made purchases after 2pm, or yesterday and earlier are not affected. Police have confiscated the machine and are now investigating the matter further, although police spokesperson Tommy Akerberg refused to divulge any details about what the police have learned so far. After the device was discovered, the rest of the store's credit card reading machines were examined, as well as machines at other shops along the A6. Ylva Magnusson, Ikea spokesperson, said that the banks connected with the cards of customers most likely affected have been alerted and are monitoring the cards for any suspicious activity.


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