Updated: 04/23/2009 21:19
Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor is not only trying to give you the instruments for high yield earnings, but also to warn you about those danger, which we can call the... is not only trying to give you the instruments for high yield earnings, but also to warn you about those danger, which we can call the high yield losses. The rental frauds or it`s also calling apartment scams are belong to a such kind of losses. We are publishing warnings about such kind of scams very often, that`s why I want to say a few words about them.

First of all, what it is. Rental scam or apartment fraud - it`s a fraud, which is making around the selling/renting the houses or commercial buildings. Very often it`s about the apartments (because the purpose of the scammers is private persons, but not the organizations).

How is the rental scam appears? Very simple. Now, the most wide spread practice is making a preliminary deposit, mortgage. Thanks to this practice the apartment frauds are existing. It`s the only source of the means and the main link of it`s transferring.

The other things are technique. The apartment are offering to the buyer, usually by a very good price. For example, instead of $ 2000, only $ 600 a meter. The scammer call himself the owner, copying the description of the object from any advertisement to the craiglist ...and that`s it.

The phone numbers which are publishing by the scammer, usually answering by the voice mail. The e-mails usually are free,, The relations with development management company usually are not clear. Even if on the lawn in front of the constructing building is a name board with contacts of the development company, the scammers are saying that they are the only owners, and you have to make a deal with them...

But how to make a deal? Frequently these guys are abroad (explaining it, because of their traveling, business activities). Very often they are making deals through the "middleman". For example the keys for the checking the object are passing through the third persons. Of course, they always take the advanced payment... It`s unreal to trace or turn back these money. Lots of buyers do not want to miss a profitable deal and make it at once without thinking. The keys are fake, the owner are getting mad, and you ....scammed.

Be careful,

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