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Dear Friends, A couple of our customers has brought to our attention the following email that was recently dispatched by eculotto: ...

Dear Friends, A couple of our customers has brought to our attention the following e-mail that was recently dispatched by eculotto:

Dear EcuLotto Player,

We gladly inform you that Libertyreserve is not anymore accepted on EcuLotto: We received an email today from Eric Paltz from Libertyreserve saying that they do not accept that we use other e-currencies than their, and that if so we have to stop using Libertyreserve.

Libertyreserve on EcuLotto, is about 30% of the games. 20% is Perfectmoney, 45% Ecumoney, and 5% Pecunix. We will for sure not accept suchj "dictatorship" of a MINOR player!

Moreover, Libertyreserve is currently under heavy investigation from various authorities after some of their Clients opened criminal cases for having been stolen very large amounts, and keeping any asset in LR is now becoming very hazardous.

That is why we decided to remove LR from our system, EcuLotto is a pure chance game, don't let the scam factor forge the statistic :-)


This warning is to address the decision made by Liberty Reserve to disallow eculotto using Liberty Reserve. To protect our clients that had complained to us - that after accessing eculotto web site their e-mails and multiple currency accounts were compromised and in accordance with the previous notice issued about other payment systems indirectly integrating Liberty Reserve in payment solutions - we have decided to ask eculotto to stop using our payment system.

As everyone can see, that decision to stop working with eculotto was Liberty Reserves' and not eculotto. Furthermore, not once to any independent merchant we have stated that we have problems them accepting other currencies. Despite the information that is available via a couple, less than credible sources - Liberty Reserve has always welcomed and participated in working together with other credible currencies to everyones' satisfaction. We welcome any credible competition to collaborate with Liberty Reserve for the benefit of industry and the clients in need of safe, secure and private environment to conduct their financial affairs. After all, the future of financial freedom is behind the electronic currencies and on-line commerce.

To summarize: to "gladly" announce not to work with a company that is 30% of your business - very bad business decision 30% of anything, when there is 20%, and 5%, is minor - is a lie
fact that eculotto was ask to leave because other currencies accepted - is a lie
any form of dictatorship expressed - is a lie
Liberty Reserve is under ANY investigation - is a lie
eculotto decided to remove Liberty Reserve - is a lie

While that whole announcement was made from pure and confirmed lies, the facts speak for themselves. Any business that resorts to this kind of tactics has to be watched carefully and not trusted, as they may be behind many other lies.

And it is very easy to see which e-currency is being pushed on the website, by the mysterious 45% of turn around of a currency that has a traffic rank of forgotten blog. It is quite possible and predictable that the same people have more fake announcements and lies planned for you, all you have to do is look past the conspiracy and address just the facts. And always remember, regarding Liberty Reserve - the only source of credible information remains only our own blog, where we are not afraid to disclose anything, including any hardships the company may be experiencing temporarily along with all the good news that are coming.

For those who have accessed the eculotto website in the recent past - please make sure your anti-virus is up to date and your computer is scanned, you have a firewall installed and we strongly advise you to change passwords for your e-mail accounts and any other websites that you may have accessed after visiting eculotto web site.

We, at Liberty Reserve, sincerely wish you the best and promise that you will get the same safe and secure service you have gotten accustomed to, as it has been already proven by many years of success operation.

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