Updated: 04/27/2009 22:57
Hyip Monitor

We are BLAMING SPAM. At any form. And we will not complaint on it to some institutions, that fight against it, we`ll just tell the names of "heroes". And we will warn, that it`s a scam. It`s so simple.

Today, we have received on our mailbox SPAM, which was advertising http://fxtradefund.com. FxTraderFund is a scam. And what is more it`s not only advertising in a so brutal way, it`s also using so bad promotional methods, besides it`s offering 6% daily payouts! SIX (!) percents. Even for HYIP sphere it`s too much. In any case we are recommending you to stay away from the FxTraderFund, they don`t have any monitoring on their site! It would be good thing to invest in, just to check it, I`m almost sure, they are not paying.

Be careful.
Do not invest in programs which are advertising with a help of the spam!

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