Updated: 04/28/2009 11:44
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Hello dear members and Imperial customers,
First of all: thank you everybody for your support. As you know, LibertyReserve has had some problems the last few days with their SCI interface. Last time was their API, now SCI. Due to this issue many hyips collapsed. But ImperialFinances is getting stronger and stronger. Payments for “115% after 10 days” and “35% weekly for 4 weeks” have been already made. Unexpected for us, many members reinvested almost instantly. We are really proud of ImperialFinances.

Now let’s talk about real news.
#1 All pending have been already paid for today. There was some withdrawals for STP with $0.25 and $0.35 but they were returned in account balance. Why? Because STP’s minimum amount is $1(manual payments). When those members will have more than $1 their withdrawal requests will be paid.

#2 We are having some problems with bad posters and voters. In last few days we received some email regarding this from “”.
When you see posts on forums made by “tony75″, “opinion”, “ttowson38″ and some other for sure, better ignore them. Read entire topic, make researches about ImperialFinances on trusted monitors (you can find them here: ). If you look on all monitors, you will see bad votes made by same emails. Do not trust them. We won’t pay them, not even $0.01.

#3 What do you think about some contest? I was talking with Rick and Diana (she is another person in our group) a few hours ago about a contest. They said:
- Referral contest - I said NO, too classic
- Higher referral commission - Maybe we will have this when we will be more than 30 days older to celebrate
- deposit bonus - NO again
And some other ideas have come up. These are too classic. ImperialFinances is a special hyip and needs something special and unique. And this is why we need your help.

#3.1 First contest is a unique idea I think (email me if I’m wrong): Guess how many members ImperialFinances has? You have to send your answer to . Simple rules to follow:

- Email title: Guess contest
- Email body: your prediction and your program username
- Hints: hints will show on contest page every day -
- Prize: winner will get $10 in account balance to invest in any plan he/she wants
- Period: Maximum 5 days
- Restriction: 1 email per username

#3.2 Second contest is much more important: We don’t know the second contest theme. So, what should we do? We need your help. Send your contest ideas to . This is a “contest for a contest”. If you have a brilliant idea, do not hesitate. Send us your contest idea and you can get $25 in your account balance.

Rules to follow:
- No rules. Send as many emails you want in 3 days. We nee unique ideas.

I am deeply sorry for this long newsletter, but I had to tell you all.
Best regards and good luck

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