Updated: 04/29/2009 22:17
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On May 10th,, and will close. For the past 2 years, the money for what...

On May 10th,, and will close.
For the past 2 years, the money for what payouts have been done has been coming from my personal funds, the hosting has been supplemented by them as well. For the past 6 months almost all the hosting has been coming from personal funds. To keep the sites up and continue paying hosting, and getting further and further behind, is insane. The fault is mine, the time and effort needed to find alternate sources of income, outside advertisers simply has not been available to me as my family HAD to come first. The site will not be sold, members will be paid as I can, those who have been active, and redeemed earliest having priority.
The advertising and sign up pages have been taken down. It has truly been a pleasure and an honor to be here these last 8 years

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