Updated: 04/30/2009 06:28
Hyip Monitor proceed to publishing the materials about "apartment frauds", which are scamming the users through the Internet, offering fake deals. Of... proceed to publishing the materials about "apartment frauds", which are scamming the users through the Internet, offering fake deals. Of course, I mean the deals of renting or selling the real estate. Today, we will tell you, how you can to unmask rental scammers, or particularly protect yourselves from this widespread scam.

1. Check the originality of the advertisement. This is the first and the less what you can do. Just copy the description of the object (house or a flat) and google it. Perhaps, it`s already indexed by the search engine the advertisement with the same text. The scammers very often take the description of other flats.

2. If it sounds too good to be a true, then it is so. Looks like it`s not true. If the prices in this district are about $700-$800, and it`s offering to you for $450 - it`s the reason to think about and watch out. Of course, sometimes god offers may happen, but you need to check it TWICE. 3. Where is the "seller"? If he is abroad ( business or traveling..) - it`s a bad sign. Be aware of "invisible men", do not believe in their explanations.

4. The e-mail. Of course, it`s not an indicator, lots of people are leasing the flats, but rental scammers are not spending money on the official addresses. So, if someone write you from and tell that he is a solid business man, think about his offer, maybe it`s a scam.

5. Properties and data. It depends what information about himself ( as the owner), about the object gives the seller, depends how he really "close" to him. If he says that he has some problems in giving the information - it`s a bad sign.

6. And finally the deposit. Now it`s a very wide spread practice. It`s not a bad thing. But for scammers - it`s a principal part of the scam, that`s why the question with the deposit decides everything. Rental scammers are making their profit from the deposit, and believe that even money which is transferred through the bank, legally, it will be hard to get back...

7. Other contacts. The phone with a voice mail, absence of the office, concrete mail address - are also typical for scammers. Pay also attention to it... Of course it`s not a full list of the features, which can help to identify apartment fraudsters, but it will help you to solve the question with renting or buying more safety.

Watch out, stay with us.


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