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Hello Troopers, and welcome to another exciting month at TreasureTrooper! This is a newsletter that you definitely want to read, as it contains many...

Hello Troopers, and welcome to another exciting month at TreasureTrooper! This is a newsletter that you definitely want to read, as it contains many great tools to help get you earning the big bucks in this dismal economy! Just follow the 5 steps listed on this special edition newsletter, and you'll be well on your way to earning big referral income!

Having trouble getting your offers to approve? Is this discouraging you or making you feel like it might not be worth the effort? Well, take heart, because your big opportunity has arrived! TreasureTrooper member, Marie Thompson, has been a Trooper for more than a year, has earned more than $2,500, and now she's agreed to share her secrets with you! Join us in the chatroom on Tuesday, April 7th at 7pm EST for a special all access pass to Marie's "Offer Approval Seminar." Marie will share many of the tricks that she's learned that have made her so successful. Before you can effectively refer others to the program, you must believe in and understand it! The best way to do this is to learn from someone who's already got it figured out. There is no Admission Fee for this special event, just make sure to be in the chatroom (located at at the aforementioned time. We look forward to seeing you there!

TreasureTrooper is issuing the following challenge for the month of May: Talk to 4 friends or family members, convince them to sign up as your referral, then walk them through their first $20 using your newfound knowledge! Everybody knows at least 4 people that could use some extra spending cash, especially in this economy! Invest some time teaching them how to earn, and they'll make you that coveted referral commission for life! Remember, you get 20% of anything your referrals make which means that if your 4 referrals earn just $80, you receive $16. However, we're all about rewarding good work here at TreasureTrooper and so we've decided to give each member a $10 bonus if they successfully complete this challenge in May! It's time to get proactive and make some extra cash!

TreasureTrooper is please to announce the brand new "Invite Your Friends" feature. This function basically allows you to send a pre-written (or customize your own) email to everybody on your contact list! We take all of the effort out of it for you, so you really have no excuse to not email everybody you know! Just login to your account, click "My Treasure" and then "Invite Your Friends" to get started!

Last month, we added an exciting new referral tool which can be found at Since then, over 10,000 bills have been entered into the system! Your challenge for this step of the program is to go to your local bank, get 100 singles, write on and enter them into the system, then just spend them like normal throughout the month. Check out for more details and then visit this FORUM THREAD for information on how accomplishing this step will automatically earn you 6 new referrals! Remember, the average dollar bill exchanges hands hundreds of times during it's lifespan. If you write on only 100 bills, you will have reached over 10,000 people that may potentially become your referral!

The first four steps will put you well on your way towards generating awesome referral income, but this next step is the cherry on the top! We have decided to share, with the general member population, a very special tool that has in the past been reserved for our VIP members (Members who have earned over $500 with TreasureTrooper). For a limited time, we will order 500 scratchcards for you for a very discounted price. These incredibly attractive cards, shown below, are perfect for handing out to strangers or leaving in public places. We have ordered these cards for our VIP members twice before and they have been very pleased with the return! Check out THIS THREAD for more information, including ordering instructions! This concludes our 5 step tutorial on how to maximize your referral income. We have many members that have earned hundreds and even thousands of dollars each on referral income alone. By implementing these techniques, you will mostly likely be joining them soon!

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