Updated: 05/03/2009 20:49
Hyip Monitor

Just stopping by to tell you about a SCAM Monitor at the domain as you can see they stealed the script and design from

Because I was hosted at Loving Hosting I think they were able to steal the script and design from that Scam Hosting Provider. I don’t know how they do it or if the one who has the Scam Monitor is the Admin of Loving Hosting but what I know for sure is that Loving Hosting is NOT to be trusted so please do NOT host your sites there, I moved my websites to another web hosting provider.

So, be very carefull, there not only HYIP Scams but Monitor Scams and Web Hosting Scams too just like and

Please allways remember, MY HYIP Monitor is intermose dot com. Also, if you are my referral and a program that I monitor will stop paying you but continues to pay me please contact me and I will change it’s paying status. There are some program that pays only monitors.

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