Updated: 05/07/2009 18:11
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HyipNews.com team are glad that our readers are treating attentively to the investing activity. Almost every day some one is witting us, telling about own suspicions, problems, difficulties. Thanks to these people we can warn other investors about " zones of the increased risk", scams, frauds. Today we are warning you about giga gold and junior fund.

One of our readers has reported that he has pending withdrawals in these two programs: "I have pending withdrawals still pending after a week!! They don't respond to emails"

junior fund: 500% per 5 hours, standard design, a month of working. It was a surprise that these guys have been worked more than 3 days. We could found the creator of the design for this project. Some Alex or alexgordon. Russian or Russian-speaking (designer or programmer - it`s unknown). We could not contact him, but we will contact the investors on the forums in any case. The project is still "paying" but we are sure that it`s not true.

giga gold: 600% after one day, almost two months of working. At the same time it`s paying good. There is a truth on the forums. But we known how it`s doing on the forums, these guys have not added at least one monitoring site. But they greatly have told us, whom we need to beware of. So, dear readers and investors, in any case do not invest in the next programs: MBC Finance, Forex Wallet, X-Paying, Orange-Profit, Earth Path, - all they are from the ONE POCKET. THE POCKET FULL OF SCAMMERS.

To fight against scams and frauds first of all you should understand simple rule: you will be cheated while you keep silence. That`s why DO NOT KEEP THE SILENCE. If you have some suspicions, problems, information - go to the HyipNews.com and write us. It`s very easy to do it, and it will bring a large benefit, we promise.

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