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If you are using the internet for a long time, I`m sure that you have been receiving lots of different spam. Not everybody read the spam, especially if it`s a safety spam. But, when we are talking about dangerous spam, when it`s bringing viruses or it`s aim is to rob you, it`s useful to read it. If you determine the source of danger you can secure yourself. poses a problem to secure our readers.

Today we will talk about that kind of a spam, which we are calling "lotteries of happiness". So, haven`t you ever won a million? Wasn`t you a thousand visitor of some site with a crazy prize? Haven`t you receive a large some for something unknown? Congratulations, it means that you have never received "lotteries of happiness".

Yes, such text is accompanied the similar letters. For example, not along time ago I have became a lucky person who won a million. The text of a letter is telling:

From: "Julie Taylor"

We are happy to announce you as one of our lucky winners in our first ever Jackpot Joy promotion. This promotion was carried out to announce our emergence as one of the fastest growing lottery companies worldwide.Your inclusion into this promotion was made possible by your personal/official email, which was selected from a wide range of emails by our new JAVA-based software.You have therefore been selected for a large sum of £460,000.00 Great British Pounds. You are to contact the below agent for remittance of your prize money to you.

John Wildman

Tel: +44-7045701460

It looks very solid, but as the matter of fact, it`s a bullshit.
First of all, it`s hard to win in lottery if you have never took a part in it. Secondly, it`s strange, that a letter with a large sum of money was written in a such poor way. As you see the address is more than poor. It`s hard to check it. As you see there are no tel.numbers, no full information about the lottery and how I have won it. So - its a scam. Here are another exampel:

Euro-PW Lottery v7.0
Postbus 636-5930
Terneuzen, Holland.
Winning Number: EPWL/11/17/18/25/08
Draw Date: February, 2009
Amount Won: One Million Euro
Please send the below information to
Nina .T. Frijters (Mrs.)
For more details in regards to claim.
*Full Name,*Address:,*Nationality:,*Sex:,*Winning

Kindly confirm mode of payment
1. Courier delivery of certified winning cheque (.....)
2. Transfer of prize money via online bank transfer (.....)

Yours Truly,
Katherine Birdshittle

Won't you ask why? In this letter they want to get the financial information from me. Only God knows, how the scammers use it. But it`s clear that they will not use it to transfer you one million of euro. Probably, they want to crack these accounts.

There are lots of different types of the lotteries of happiness, that`s why we will publish all of them, which we will find. Now it`s important for you to understand, what`s this similliar letters of happiness, and avoid any contact with it. Do not write, do not click on the links, even don`t call them. Of course if you have some suspects that information can be real, you should not refuse to get it, check it. But check it carefully and properly. Do not make fast moves or rash steps. If it`s a real million, it will be waiting for you. First of all, make inquiries about it, think about and then find out: ask lots of questions and collect the maximum of the info.

And only in the last turn, do what they want form you to do in the first one.


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