Updated: 05/08/2009 20:12
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Recently one of our readers has told us about Giga Gold HYIP. It`s offering 600% daily and working more than 2 months. At the same time, you can read on the forums that program is still paying! Unbelievable lie. The investor who has asked us for help, told us that almost 1 week has pending withdrawals in this program. I think it`s the end. But now, it doesn`t matter. And there is a net of SCAMS which is hiding behind Giga Gold!

Here is the list: MBC Finance, Forex Wallet, X-Paying, Orange-Profit, Earth Path, Giga Gold. Do not invest in! Moreover, they are offering a crazy project and been working longer than a one day ( I really believe that one day such a program can pay, but only ONCE) So, moreover that they are working longer than a one day with a such percents, each one of them is advertising the another one! It`s evidently. Let`s check the IP of these sites? Here you go.

  • MBC Finance - mbcfinance.com -
  • Forex Wallet - forexwallet.com -
  • X-Paying - x-paying.com -
  • Orange-Profit - orange-profit.com -
  • Earth Path - earnpath.com -
  • Giga Gold - giga-gold.com -

Same hosting, same location, same site engine - same author. As soon as one of them will be closed, others will be closed too. In the same way as they were opening. One in February 02, 2009, one in February 15, two in February 22, other were opened in the March.

The main feature is that scammer who created this project, is not using the monitoring services. I think I got nothing to add. Be aware and warn your friends. We will try to warn all of the rest, whom we can and we will contact the hosting. I hope we will save the deposits of some investors, who are not involved yet in this criminal net.

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