Updated: 05/08/2009 14:12
Hyip Monitor

I read the Digital Point forum regularly and there is a lot of reference to something called a 'proxy'. I had no idea what a proxy was, did or why to use one. Of course I could have asked or done a Google search. But I wasn't interested until I read a post today on how someone uses it. And I thought it was a pretty smart way to get Adsense clicks.

First, what is a proxy? Rather than try to describe it myself, I found a good description here. So proxies are used by anyone who want to access the Internet and either hide their IP address or access it from places like companies and schools where site access filters are probably in place. Want to access the Internet anonymously? Use a proxy server.

So, back to the post I read on the DP forum this AM. A DP member creates a bunch of proxy sites and populates it with Adsense ads. Except the proxy server he creates doesn't work. So what does the site visitor do? Clicks the link to one of the other proxy servers displayed on the site, i.e. an Adsense ad.


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