Updated: 05/09/2009 21:36
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I must say to you that I’m quite impressed with the performance of HassanAlFadi site (reviewed here) and how the admin is handling the support...

I must say to you that I’m quite impressed with the performance of Hassan-Al-Fadi site (reviewed here) and how the admin is handling the support requests. Even the deposits made on the hacker’s account are still being paid and if you have payment problems please don’t hesitate to contact the admin and I’m sure he will help you. The recent good news from the admin Hassan (read my interview with him here) was concerning STP deposits and it seemed that you could make direct deposits to STP that was announced in his update last night:

"Dear members, and thank you for the good support of the Hassan Al Fadi Platform. Soon we reach 400 active members and I thank all members who trust me. The Hassan Al Fadi Platform will grow more and more in the next year!

From today I can accept STPay. To invest direct with SolidTrustPay you must do so direct from your SolidTrustPay account. Just login to your SolidTrustPay account and transfer the amount (Send Money) direct to my SolidTrustPay account.

My STpay name is: HassanAlFadi
And do not forget to write your email address in the payment comment. I also implemented my daily top performance on the main page that you can get a better idea where and how I trade. Today was a very good trading day anyway.”

However today it seems that those who deposited via STP will not receive their profits for 4 days because of Hassan’s issues with verification. Alternatively you can email to Hassan-Al-Fadi and request the payments to be made to other ecurrencies accounts you have. Please follow the instructions below:

“Dear Members, please note that I changed my Private SolidTrustPay address and my Bank Details in my account so I have to get verified again. All STP Payments are pending for the next 4 days until my new Details are verified (New Adress, New Bank account). If you have a SP, LR or PM account I can also pay you the profits to this account or you wait 4 days and than I pay you as normal plus the missing payments. If you want to use a different E-Currency for the next days please send me the account no. and put in the Email subject STP Investment and provide me with your payment details and the account where you want the profits to be transfered to. My STP account is still the same.


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