Updated: 05/11/2009 23:45
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FinancialProfitsCorp also was advertising with the help of spam. Now FinancialProfitsCo has problems, read the spam text of this company

FinancialProfitsCorp (financialprofitscorp.com) also was advertising with the help of spam. Now FinancialProfitsCo has problems. FinancialProfitsCo is not paying any more. Don't you see the interconnection? Then read the spam text of this company.

Site paying since more than 2 months!
Earn 2.5% for 100 days with daily cashout or compounding !
Site SSl encrypted and DDOS protected

Register Here: https://financialprofitscorp.com/?ref=maluk74

A person should be an idiot to advertise the program, which is already not paying. Of course if you are not the owner of this program. Because every owner can easily stop the advertisement with a help of spam. The only thing you need is to block the assignments from the all accounts, which were marked in advertising of spam.

FinancialProfitsCorp probably will not do it. Anyway, we have already wrote them. By the way, as usually, we are finding the most slowly monitoring sites. Go to the page of the standing program (https://financialprofitscorp.com/?a=cust&page=ratings). Watching... today we have the next excelled sites: HYIP.COM (!), HyipBanker, G.S. Monitor, Invest-Tracing, Hyip-Statuses.com, HotHYIPs.

The list is quite proper. Besides, it's including solid monitoring sites. Probably, FinancialProfitsCorp has a special plan for the monitoring sites. Such respected projects as HYIP.COM are busted. The lesson is evident: we have to be careful and do not trust even to the reliable sites.

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