Updated: 05/12/2009 21:10
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Our rubric DAILY SCAM WARNING Becoming more and more popular. Almost every day someone of online investors send us some message, with this or that information. It`s very important because, most of these online investors have deposits in those programs about which they are writing. It`s experience at first hand. The experience at first hand - is the most important thing for the sphere of high yield on-line investments. Why? Because of risks.

Yesterday, one of our readers has sent us the following message:"I've invested in this program last December. Until now, I've received nothing! Payment is still pending since then... http://joyprofit.com/" unfortunately he has lost his money. But his negative experience will help other investors to decrease their risks. And someone will change his mind and not invest in Joy Profit, and save his money.

We have learned Joy Profit and found that it`s simple scam. Besides, this scan is scaled and network. I`m surprised how the site of this program is still on-line. We will correct it and contact the administration of the hosting. We are also waiting for the information from a one source, we hope it will expand the picture. Follow our publications. The investigation is proceeding...

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