Updated: 05/13/2009 19:43
Hyip Monitor

Some program's admins don't hesitate to tell the truth to their members about their program activity. Two days ago we marked JMT Fund Inc Co HYIP as problematic HYIP due to one bad vote (the vote is marked as verified). Today the author of this vote has sent us a copy of email which he received from the program management:

"All hyips are scam and fail sooner or later. If you cared about your money then you would have put it in your bank account or invest somewhere securely. Anything you invest in hyip is something you afford to lose. Anyways because of your deposit only we have to close our program. I thought to continue it till the end of the year but your bigger deposit made me difficult to pay you.

Work hard and you will earn it back. Anyways, I hope that you will not be investing in hyips from now onwards.

JMT Fund Inc, Co"

Now the program is situated in our Blacklist.

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