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Warm and friendly greetings are once again extended to our loyal customers and friends of GNI. Much has happened over the last couple of months,...

Warm and friendly greetings are once again extended to our loyal customers and friends of GNI. Much has happened over the last couple of months, nothing more important, however, than remaining profitable and paying out consistently to our members their promised interest. We know their have intermittent problems gaining access to the website and for that we extend our apologies. There are, however, many enemies of GNI wishing for us NOT to succeed mandating that we implement the strongest of security measures available on the internet. Because we are determined to overcome any DDoS attack, hacker, fraudster or otherwise, we have upgraded our hosting to Black Lotus Enterprise, and our servers accordingly!

We are confident that this will enable to continue, without any security breach whatsoever. To complete this upgrade, there will be some unavoidable downtime in the immediate future. We will try to give as much notice as possible when this will occur. When it does, be patient as we are working as quickly as possible to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Now, onto more exciting news:
GNI was incorporated on March 30, 2009 as GNI Holding S.A. in Belize under registration number, 82.891. This was no small feat and gives us the kind of credibility we have strived to earn and maintain since forming our partnership some years ago. We are proud of this achievement and have our loyal customer base to thank for our on-going success.

One of the many advantages of being legally incorporated is our ability to make and receive bank wire transfers; this feature we have fully engaged, tested and are implementing under the following guidelines:
1. Minimum amount for bank wire deposits are $500
2. Minimum amount for bank wire withdraws are $100
3. Transfer fees total $20.00 for withdrawals.

Bank wire deposits need to be posted in the members back office and afterwards please drop me a line via email. I will then forward the bank wire instructions to you. We have, as many of you have noticed, experienced on-going problems with LibertyReserve deposits and lately also withdrawal via API. Payments are no longer automatically credited (similar to StrictPay). When deposits are made using LibertyReserve, they will be credited manually by our office upon notification through LibertyReserve and during our office hours. Same for failed StrictPay or PerfectMoney deposits. There in no need to send tickets indicating a LibertyReserve, StrictPay or PerfectMoney deposit has been initialted and not been credited. These tickets will not be responded to.

Because of these issues, our scheduled release of our own forum, introduction of Regional Reps and release of our updated website including our FAQs has been pushed back another 7-10 working days. Please have patience; it will, however, not affect our paying of interest consistent with our promises to our customers.

We hope you are as excited about these enhancements as we are. It has been a long road but we are certainly getting there.

My deepest gratitude to all of you!
Robert, Jurgen, Todd and staff.

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