Updated: 05/20/2009 18:34
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Hi all, I know that there are a lot of rumors spreading concerning the status of the site and myself. After what transpired in April, and the thoughts of that being behind me, I could not foresee what has recently been going on with me personally. I have been very ill the last couple of weeks. Most days, I have not even been able to get out of the bed, much less online to concentrate on site work. I did manage to get online the other day to get some work done at Birdcrazymail, which wasn't much. A payment, and answer some support emails.
I apologize to all of the supportive members who have stuck with the site for this long, not knowing what was going on. Please continue that support. It means the most to me.
I will be making some payments later today, and processing most ads. I will also try to get to as many of the support emails as I possibly can.
Thanks for reading, and take care.

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