Updated: 05/29/2009 20:04
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I think that our role as informational site is to give the answers on the informational reasons in time. Quite often we have to create this informational reasons. Of course if it`s useful for our readers and for on-line investing. If it makes on-line moneymaking more safer and confident. It`s very important for high yield investing sphere. Here is the typical example.

It was seemed that program is not worse and not better than others. Usual site, usual high percent (6% daily). Usual list of monitoring sites. Looks like everything is as usuall. If the term of work is not long (they have a short one) you can invest. Yes, you can but there is no need to do it...

Lots of investors are suffering, because they don`t see the evident things. For example, if on the site go to the page RATE US, you can see only links on the monitoring sites. Fortunately, these links are really directing to a card of the program. But there is no paying status, so when they will stop pay you will not notice it at once. It`s a small thing, but unpleasant and suspicious.

Let`s read the texts. At the same page (RATE US) is written: "we only do our best foe all our memmbers !" No, it`s not me, who have made 2 misprints in 9 words. It`s written on the CNNFXclub site. Let`s come back to the first page, and continue with texts reading. NEWSLETTER - it`s rather interesting. Clicking... and receive only photo in a standard frame... hmm... Looks like the authors of this HYIP project were not vouchsafed to take care about full filling the standard script properly.

On my own opinion, it`s not doing it in a such way. On-line investing supposes a high requirements for the design and content of pages. I've said it many times, that such a site - is the same as dirty and shabby office. Would you invest in a such project?
Be careful.


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